A fun filled yoga class with songs and storytelling that continues to build the parent/child bond. With plenty of movement and stretching that helps tots feel happier and more confident in their bodies. This class is designed to support the transition from babyhood and encourages their creative spirit and self-expression. Tots yoga provides an opportunity for parents to relax and have fun with their toddler.



A free flow class, where children explore yoga poses and playful breathing exercises. That applies visual imagery, music and art to cooperative games and activities. This class is designed to convey lessons of positivity and gratitude. As well as, fostering social skills with partner poses and flipping the world upside down with inversions. 

Special Needs Yoga

This yoga class incorporates gentle movement and breathing exercises in order to enhance self-regulation and improved focus. As well as support sequencing and motor planning skills that strengthens core muscles and reduces anxiety. Classes will consist of a warm up, breathing exercise/meditation, sequence of poses, game or activity, and rest.